Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kaivara & Kotilingeswara

Hi Everyone,

I have been to Kaivara and Kotilingeswara, near to Bangalore, both places have got there own stories, in kotilingeswara you can see nearly a crore{means Koti} Shiv linga, it is a very beautiful place, to go over there you will have catch an train/bus from bangalore. By train you can reach in 2.30 hours, you will get train at K.R.Puram, Bangalore and you will have to get down at Bangarpet from there it is around 10Km.

To reach Kaivara you will have to get Chintamani bus{KSRTC} from majestic.It will take around 2 hrs from bangalore, Then from Mainroad of Kaivara, you have to rent auto{300Rs for up and down and waiting charges}. Kaivara is very nice place for those who love nature. Once you are there you can know why is it named as Kaivara [ It is actually because of an godman kaivara tatayya, who lived around 17Th century and he has written a book about future]

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